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Artix Entertainment & The Year of Adventure


Artix Entertainment has big plans for 2009 as evidenced by this week’s developer journal. With particular focus on AdventureQuest Worlds, Artix‘s browser based MMO, the journal also throws in a nice juicy teaser about DragonQuest.


Greetings and salutations friends,

2009 is the “Year of Adventure!” It is going to be a big year for the team here at Artix Entertainment… especially for our new MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds. The main storyline of is preparing to start and we have been building tons of new features so that we can pull of some of the crazy things we want to put in it!

Within a week, all players will login to the brand new intro. It is an entire zone with cutscenes, a CRAZY boss fight and it gets the ball rolling on the story which which progress each week. We will also be introducing The “Book of Lore” (Better known as the Lore Grimoire) which will keep track of your adventures and let you know when there is a new adventure waiting for you.

Last week we converted the ENTIRE game to an awesome widescreen mode. Not only is it great to have some more walking room, but it gives us lots of room to expand the interface. We had a vote to determine if it was worth doing and it was an overwhelming yes. J6 had to go through every single scene in the entire game and figure out how to expand it. It was amazing that he did such a huge project so quickly. Under the game we added new screen size options so you can make the game Tiny to HUGE with the click of a button.


Also, we added a new level of customizability for your character. In AQWorlds you can change your class on the fly. The way your armor looked used to be tied to the class, but now you can buy different armors and look any way you want while playing any class you want. This week we are releasing a number of armors that you can buy.

After the storyline gets started, the big projects this year are PvP, Guilds, and Castles/Lair/Fortresses. The dream is to let players form guilds, then work together to build up their Castle, and finally battle other guilds in out of control wars.


I am really excited about AdventureQuest Worlds, but there is something else huge going on RIGHT NOW. In, Nythera just killed Warlic! Judging by the amount of hate mail and threats we are receiving, the player base was really shocked at the outcome. Expect everyone from Cysero, Xan, Celestia to myself to be at the funeral which will be unlocked half way through the war that is happening now. If you have not played DragonFable yet… here is the story. Warlic is one of the best known, powerful and respected Mages in the world. He has one terrible secret, but more on that another time. His apprentice is the beautiful yet angsty Nythera. She is a half-dragon who’s powers were taken from her and put in Warlic’s care until she completed her training.


Her patience finally ran out and things got out of hand. Next thing you know, somehow Warlic is dead and now the Elemental Lords are reinging terror down upon our world. You can play DragonFable now and quickly catch up in the story and participate in the war that is going on (crazy xp and gold!)

Battle on!
Artix von Krieger


Warlic is a powerful Mage with a secret, and Nythera is his beautiful half Dragon apprentice….

a Half Dragon Sorceress who lost her powers.

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