Asherons Call: Feng Shui expert now available for hire on Leafcull


Lechiffre of Leafcull is offering his services those who wish to rid there homes of negative influences.

Master of Feng Shui now available for consultation on a comission basis.

Increase the flow of beneficial energies through your home, and reap the benefits of prosperity and good fortune in your life. By positioning your furniture accoring to the ancient Sho art of Feng Shui negative energies are deflected from entering your home while positive chi energy is encouraged to flow throughout your home. Balance and harmony create a postive atmosphere which restores your wa and increases your luck.

Will travel to anywhere is Dereth upon agreement of contract. Higher rates apply to West facing properties due to the need to ritually cleansing necessary prior to the Feng Shui process.

Go here Feng Shui to schedule an appointment with Lechiffre.

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