Asherons Call: Leafcull Market Day


Greeting all Players, Mules, Pack Rats, Moarsmen, etc.! Because the first one was a great success, the Leafcull Coalition http://lcc.dereth.ac/ (password is coalition) is sponsoring its 2nd Market Day!

Bring all your mules, tinkers, tradebots, buffbots, or just YOU to trade old fashioned style once again-

~~~~Saturday, October 2nd, from 2-6 PM PST in the Arwic Meeting Hall once again.~~~~

*I* have planned:

-Another raffle like last time, a sing per ticket, and will draw at 6 pm pst. Please, only 10 tickets per person. Tickets will be sold from 2-5:50 pm pst, so there’s plenty of time.

-Bingo Game -Only 22 boards, given to the first 22 that buy tickets (Raffle tickets), to be held at 3 pm pst- More information on Saturday

-The Price is Right Game Show -based on the TV Show, using the raffle tickets as contestants- More information on Saturday

-And the remaining time is for whatever trades, trivia, and such want to go on!

NOTE that no one has to participate in any of this. This is MY optional “performances,” excluding the primary raffle.

There’s 4 winners to the Raffle- 4th place gets a UI Pack Virindi, 3rd gets 20% of all sings in the raffle, 2nd gets 30%, and 1st gets a bag of work 10 steel and 50% of all sings.

I know we’re going to have a fun time Saturday, and I hope to see you there!

Also, we will work to get a bot to summon the Meeting Hall in marketplace so mules can get there.

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