The latest Catherine screens include twisted sheep-men, gigantic block tower dungeons, infidelity and boobs. Yes, it’s just like it sounds.

Few games in recent have captured my imagination like Atlus’ shamelessly-bizarre adult erotic/horror game Catherine. A game that tackles grown-up issues like fidelity and relationships done by the team that tackled gender identity and sexuality in Persona 4? Yes, please.

Atlus has sent out a new batch of English-language screens and artwork for the Western release of the game, and it looks pretty much like you’d expect. While there are a few scenes of the Nightmare gameplay in which protagonist Vincent must navigate dreamscapes full of hellish towers of blocks to reach the top before dawn – or else he will never wake up – most of these screens are from cutscenes and conversations between the characters.

The screens do a good job at selling the characters. The coquettish Catherine (with a C) bemoans the tradition of marriage and being tied down, while the no-nonsense Katherine (with a K) tries to get her boyfriend Vincent to open up to her. Vincent, meanwhile, is quite in over his head with the whole thing.

It’s slated for release here in the states this July. I know I’ll be getting it; what about you?

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