Atlus Teases Gamers With First English-Language CatherineTrailer


The new trailer brings explanations, mysteries and warnings in equal measure.

Following the news that erotic-thriller Catherine was making its way across the ocean to the US, Atlus has released a new, English language trailer for the game. The trailer helps answer some of our lingering questions, like “what the heck is going on?” but still leaves plenty of mystery to go around.

The trailer itself actually contains very little information, and is very much in the “teaser” category, which is hardly surprising when you consider that this is likely the first time that a lot of people have come across the game. The trailer presents the characters and their role in the story: Catherine – the blonde – is “temptation,” while Katherine – the one with the glasses – represents “commitment.” Finally, lead character Vincent gets the label “pandemonium,” which seems quite appropriate considering how crazy his life gets.

Interspersed with snippets of gameplay footage and cinematics, the trailer warns the viewer that what he or she wants might not be the same thing as what other people want from him or her. Then it shows giant hands and mouths, creepy eyes, and sheep wearing ties. If I didn’t know what was going on already, I’d be thoroughly confused, but I’d also be intrigued.

Catherine comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer.

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