Attack on Titan Crossing Over with Marvel Universe in Japan

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Attack on Titan fans, rejoice! Your favorite behemoths are about to make an appearance in the Marvel Universe in Japan.

It’s not every day you see comics and manga crossing over in such obvious ways, especially when it comes to hot properties like Spider-Man and Attack on Titan. But that appears to be exactly what’s happening, at least in the Japanese comic market, with Attack on Titan colliding with the Marvel Universe.

C.B. Cebulski, Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development at Marvel, tweeted the announcement today, with an accompanying image to go with it, stating the crossover would be happening in Japan, but giving few additional details to go with it other than the fact that it will be running in just two weeks.

The image depicts Spider-Man high-tailing it away from two rampaging Titans from the popular anime and manga series, though without context it’s tough to decipher if this is going to be a singularly Spidey-focused story or how much of Attack on Titan it’s going to encompass. What’s more, as Titan fans may attest, both of those specific beasts look a bit familiar.

Whatever the case may be, it’s an interesting turn of events but not too surprising given the franchise’s breakout success across the globe. Hopefully, whatever Marvel has planned for this crossover will make its way into English and other languages so all fans can enjoy it.

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