Australians May Get The New Nintendo 3DS First, on November 21


Nintendo Australia is the first English-speaking territory to announce its New Nintendo 3DS release date.

Australians might finally be getting something first from Nintendo for once, as Nintendo Australia has announced that the upcoming “New” Nintendo 3DS (which shall henceforth been known as the N3DS, due to its ridiculous name) will launch in the region on November 21. It is the first English-speaking territory to announce a release date for the new system.

The announcement was made in the first ever Australian Nintendo Direct event, which you can check out in the video above. In it, Tom Enoki, managing director of Nintendo Australia, goes over all of the features the N3DS will have, including a new analogue “c-stick”, better 3D viewing angles, and customizable faceplates.

Enoki essentially regurgitated the Japanese announcement of the N3DS, but did add that Xenoblade Chronicles, the first N3DS exclusive title, would be getting an English release. He also confirmed that the c-stick will function in Super Smash Bros. 3DS, as well as any title that utilized the circle pad pro, such as Monster Hunter 4.

A N3DS website was launched alongside the Nintendo Direct, so you can check out all the specs and features of the new handhelds in English.

The N3DS and the N3DS XL will launch in Australia and New Zealand, at the suggested retail prices of AU$219.95 and AU$249.95 respectively. Curiously, neither handheld contains an AC adapter, which has be purchased separately for $14.95 (or utilized from any 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/DSi/DSi XL systems).

We’ve reached out to Nintendo of America to see when the N3DS will be coming stateside.

Source: Nintendo

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