Awesome: Plants Vs Zombies Goes Hip Hop


Crazy Dave rapping with auto-tuned zombies; Need I say more?

I’ll be honest with you guys: I have no real idea why this video exists. Part of me would like to think it’s a promotional clip, designed to sell more copies of PopCap’s brilliant Plants Vs Zombies, but a much larger, more rational part of me is shouting that the company has become so successful that its employees sit around in smoking jackets all day, sipping 300-year-old brandy and dreaming up new ways to amuse the internet.

Hence, we have a music video starring the game’s lovable, insane vagrant Crazy Dave, er … “Cray-Z.”

Straight up, he’s got skills. I’m a bit too Caucasoid to credibly use words like “crunk” and “swagga,” but I’m being assured by experts that Cray-Z has/is/knows of both of those things (whatever they might be).

Y’know, actually, yes, let’s call this a “promo.” After all, it’s a video whose very existence is going to prompt me to suggest that you all go out and buy two or three more copies of Plants Vs Zombies, and that’s more than I can say for any of the trailers leaking out of the Tokyo Game Show this week.

See Capcom? This is what happens when you reject my idea for Street Fighter X Wu-Tang. Now PopCap gets all my hyperbolic love!

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