Baldur’s Gate Countdown Begins Again


A new countdown timer is ticking away at the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition website! What could it mean?

In order to figure out what could be waiting at the end of the timer currently winding down at, it would be useful to consider what we already know. The update to the classic BioWare RPG will feature all the old content plus a bunch of new stuff – characters, quests, music – and will include the original games and the expansions, in two separate editions (one for each game), for both the PC and the Apple iPad.

What don’t we know? When it will come out and how much it will cost, for two, points which are actually mentioned on the site, just above the timer. All that developer Overhaul Games has said about it is “this summer” and “not much,” which is encouraging but not terribly specific. Is it a good bet that these mysteries will soon be solved? I think it is.

Also of interest is the background image on the site, which now contains two, and perhaps three, faces that I don’t recognize. I won’t say who – it’s more fun to figure it out on your own – and the faded, dark sepia tone of the image makes it hard to judge, but from what I can see, they look good, and they look like they belong. There’s a new quote in the source, too: “‘Evil’ is a term wept by the weak and the defeated. What have I done? I have cleansed the world of a band of treacherous dogs.” Sounds ominous!

The secret will be out by Thursday afternoon but since there’s not a lot of time left in the countdown and we already know about the Enhanced Editions, the platforms and the approximate release window, there’s really nothing of heavyweight value left to reveal. Still, it’s always fun to speculate, and so I’m calling it for real this time: Baldur’s Gate 3. These are heady times, friends. Heady times indeed.

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