Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Returns

Baldurs Gate 2 screen

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is back on sale, and it sounds like the Android version and the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate 2 are back on track too.

It’s been almost two months since Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition was pulled from the virtual shelves due to “contractual issues” with Overhaul Games’s publishing partner. Work on the sequel, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, was also halted, and while the exact specifics of those contractual issues weren’t revealed, it eventually came to light that Atari was behind the conflict.

Today, however, the news is good: Baldur’s Gate is back! In an email sent to owners of the game, Overhaul President Trent Oster announced that the problems – whatever they were – have been solved and the game is back on sale again at all the usual places.

And that’s not all! “We’ll announce the details of an upcoming major Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition patch and the Android tablet version in the near future,” he wrote. “We’ll also have some exciting news regarding Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition soon after.”

The Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is available for Windows, OS X and iPad at and, for the PC, on Steam.

Source: Reddit

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