Batman Fan Creates Guide to Making Arkham Asylum Batarangs


Need a hand with building your crime-fighting arsenal? Well, you’re in luck, as a Batman fan has put together a guide to making your own batarangs.

Batarangs are the tool of a more subtle crime fighter. Not as clumsy or random as super-strength, the batarang needs a steady hand and a keen eye to use. But we’re not all billionaire playboys, so how do you make a batarang that is both affordable and stylish? Well, luckily for you, Instructables poster “spookylean” has you covered.

His prototype batarang is made of plexiglass, held together with screws and magnets, and painted with metallic paint to make it look the part. The project took around 10 hours, and cost around $17 dollars, although he had the paint and the tools already. He didn’t start with metal because the transparent plastic made it easier to line the parts up, and he didn’t have the necessary equipment, but it seems he plans to make one out of steel fairly soon.

The design is simple, yet ingenious, and significantly more impressive than the batarang that actually came with the special edition of Arkham Asylum. If you want to try your hand at batarang creation, you can take a look at spookylean’s instructions here.

Source: io9

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