Battle at Kemble’s Cascade Brings The Arcade Shooter To Tabletops


Battle at Kemble’s Cascade will recreate classic side-scrolling space shooter gameplay using nothing but boards and card decks.

Arcade shooters set in space used to be the bread and butter of video games, but now it seems they’re inspiring board games as well. Set to launch at this year’s Gen Con, Battle at Kemble’s Cascade is based on classics like Defenders or R-Type, right down to incoming enemy fighters, giant bosses, and even side-scrolling level progression.

In each game of Kemble’s Cascade, players assemble a series of randomly shuffled “space cards” containing enemy fighters, asteroids, and power-ups. Player ships then attempt to dodge or fire on obstacles, prompting new cards to be laid down while moving forward. Battle at Kemble Cascade appears to come with 8 mission cards for scenario play, and at least one boss that takes up four full space cards.

As it stands, Battle at Kemble’s Cascade should be a solid timesink for fans of classic space shooters, and it wouldn’t surprise me if expansion packs soon followed. The finished game will support 2-5 players and takes about 45 minutes to complete, unless it also adapts coin-based continues to play for longer as well. We’ll find out at Gen Con 2014 this August.

Source: Zman Games

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