Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Launches Assault in November


Battlefield fans get a refresh with four new maps and a new game mode just days after Black Ops 2 hits store shelves.

The latest add-on for Battlefield 3 will launch in three phases, starting on November 27th for Battlefield Premium members on PlayStation 3. A week later on December 4th, Premium users on the Xbox 360 and PC will also get their chance to throw down on the new maps. Those without a Premium pass will be able to purchase the DLC on December 11th on all platforms.

Aftermath expands Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer experience with four new maps centered around Tehran, Iran, moments after an earthquake has rocked the city. A new game mode called Scavenger will also launch alongside the expansion, forcing players to start with just a pistol and search for better weaponry. New vehicles, achievements, and dog tags are also on deck.

If you’ve already spent your $50 on the Battlefield Premium subscription, you’ll get Aftermath‘s four new maps for no charge. For others, the map pack will set you back $15. One more Battlefield 3 expansion is expected after Aftermath, titled Endgame, and will be available in March 2013.

Source: Gamespot

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