Battlefield 4 Leaked DLC Screenshots Show Riot Shield, New Weapons


A video also shows off all the new Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth weapons in action.

While work was briefly halted on Battlefield 4 DLC in order to squash game breaking bugs (with… a “varying degree” of success), the BF4 DLC train is now back in full motion, with the fourth pack, Dragon’s Teeth, just around the corner. Imgur user MidnightR has gotten his hands on some leaked screenshots of the upcoming DLC, which shows off some new weapons, including a riot shield and some kind of crazy remote controlled tank.

Furthermore, YouTuber Danny on PC has managed to put together some footage of all the new toys in action.

Check out the video to the right and the gallery of screenshots below:

Most of the weapons are pretty stock standard, with some fan favorites being added (the Desert Eagle), a nice utility option (the riot shield) and of course that weird remote control tank thing which looks super overpowered.

Some more info that the screenshots have revealed is that the game’s level cap will be raised from 120 to 130, and that the names of the four new maps will be Marketplace, Propaganda, Urban Garden and Waterfront. Going by the names of the maps and the weapons, it feels like Dragon’s Teeth will have a close-quarters theme to it.

The DLC is set to release in Summer, 2014.

Source: Imgur, YouTube

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