Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC Gets New Weapons Video


AA Mines are going to be so much fun!

New maps, modes, and vehicles (hovercrafts!) are due in Naval Strike, the next DLC pack for Battlefield 4, but I’m most interested in the handful of new weaponry being added to the mix.

It looks like the fine folks over at jackfrags feel the same way, since they uploaded footage of all the forthcoming weapons in action, including the new AA Mine.

All four playable classes in BF4 are getting some sort of new weapon. The Assault class gets the AR160 assault rifle, Engineers can play with the SR-2 personal defense weapon, Support can decimate with the AWS LMG, and the 8x scope-equipped SR338 is for Recon sniper jerks.

A new pistol, the SW40 revolver, will be available to all classes.

Rounding out the new carried weapons, the 3GL grenade launcher shoots three smaller noob tube grenades instead of the traditional one (think V40 mini nades in tube form). It will surely be the bane of every infantryman’s existence when Naval Strike hits later this month.

What tickles my fancy above all else, though? The new AA Mines being added to the Engineer Loadout. Seen in the beginning of the above video, AA Mines are deployable surface-to-air missile launcher gadgets that should give roving, tank-less Engys some much needed defense against air attackers. Or if you want to be the biggest jerk in the server, you can force a flare pop with your AA Mine, then spam the bejesus out of the enemy jet/chopper with your IGLA or Stinger.

There’s no specific launch date as of yet, but DICE says Naval Strike will arrive “in late March.”

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