Battlefield: Hardline Leaked – New Title With SWAT Theme – Update


EA has confirmed the existence of Battlefield: Hardline and is set to officially reveal it on June 9.

Update 2: We’ve received word that the Battlefield: Hardline QA tester who leaked the gameplay video you’ll see in the prior update, has been fired.

Update: Neogaf has gotten its hands on some leaked gameplay footage for the upcoming title. EA has claimed that the footage is from an internal-only build of the game that is over six months old, and it has improved much since then.

Original Story: In this world of hardcore dataminers, there is pretty much nothing game developers can hide from the internet anymore. This time, a substantial Battlelog update were datamined to reveal a whole bunch of assets for an upcoming Battlefield title: Battlefield: Hardline, which will have a cops-and-robbers style urban combat theme. What’s more, rather than just throw up the bog standard “we don’t respond to rumors” response, PR has confirmed the game’s existence, throwing up an official website and teasing a June 9 official reveal.

The datamined assets include weapon, vehicle, gadget and ribbon artwork, as well what the four classes will be (Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer, Professional) the two teams (S.W.A.T and Thieves), and at least two of the game modes (“Blood Money,” and “Heist”). Check them out below:

The dataminers also found data suggesting that this will be another cross-generation title, meaning it should be released on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and of course, the PC.

It looks to be a fun twist on the standard super realistic military shooters that Battlefield has become of late. Although, some of the biggest draws of Battlefield are the fun, high-tech military vehicles and gadgets, so I’m wondering how well this one will fare with the absence of jets and tanks.

We’ll have more info after the official June 9 reveal. But in the meantime, check out Andrea and Escapist News Now on the topic:

Source: BF Daily via NeoGAF

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