Visceral games claims that Battlefield: Hardline is more than a mere Battlefield 4 expansion pack.

If you’ve tried out the Battlefield: Hardline beta, you may have walked away with the same thoughts as me, namely, “This is a basically a Battlefield 4 expansion pack, or mod.” Developer Visceral has now spoken out against such kind of criticisms, claiming that there is actually a lot more that they are not showing us, and that Battlefield: Hardline is “not just a re-skin” of Battlefield 4.

“I think you’ll understand where the value proposition is with this game. There is a lot of new content. It’s not just a re-skin or a re-use of assets,” Visceral’s lead multiplayer designer Thad Sesser told PlayStation Life Style. “We’ve got all new assets, we got a lot of stuff still coming in, so look forward, check us out in the future, play it, tell us what you think.”

He stated that what players are seeing in the beta “is just a small portion of what we got. Obviously, we got a wide range of maps. We got a lot more weapons. We got a lot more cool gadgets,” and that it isn’t an accurate representation of the game.

He did admit that “Well, obviously the engine’s the same. We’re using Frostbite 3,” but added that his team had “improved the vehicle physics and so on because, in a cops and criminal setting, vehicle collisions are way more important than in Battlefield.”

“So, we’re making fundamental changes under the hood to some of these systems. In terms of the UI, we still want it to be recognizably Battlefield, but we’ve got some changes, we’re listening to user feedback, we’re always soliciting comments and feedback from the players, so if you’ve got specific comments, you got specific feedback, let us know.”

He ended the interview by stressing that his team “still has some time before launch,” (for the record, Battlefield: Hardline is due out in October) and that he is listening very carefully to fan feedback.

What were you impressions of the beta? For me, I’m pretty sure this is where I’ll be drawing the hard line on a Battlefield title, and refuse to buy it.

Source: PlayStation Life Style via VG 24/7

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