Beer and Brawlers Collide in Beercade: The Last Barfighter


There comes a time in everyone’s life when there’s only one thing left worth fighting for.

You can fight for peace. You can fight for justice. Or you can fight for what really matters: a quality American-style IPA. And for those people who have their priorities straight, the Big Boss Brewing Company of Raleigh, NC has a new arcade stand-up that rewards pugilistic prowess with samples of beer.

In Beercade: The Last Barfighter, players select one of five characters, each representing a Big Boss beer, and fight for three rounds inside a virtual pub. The action looks pretty simplistic compared to most fighting games, but it’s unlikely that players will care because at the end of three rounds, the victor gets a serving of beer. Even better, you don’t have to pump any quarters into it to play; the coin mechanism has been replaced with a drip tray, cupholders and motion sensors that start the game when cups are inserted.

Quarters or not, and notwithstanding the fact that I’m terrible at fighting games, I’d play this thing until they had to carry me out – literally. Sadly, I won’t be able to. Beercade: The Last Barfighter is a promotional machine intended for use exclusively at special events. And really, that’s probably for the best.

Source: Engadget

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