Before Orange Is the New Black, There Was Law and Order

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Dun dun. Many of your favorite Orange Is the New Black stars have also appeared on Law and Order.

Law and Order and its various spinoffs have been gracing our television sets since the olden times (i.e. 1990) — to date, there are over a thousand episodes of the crime drama to watch and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is still on the air. In that time, it’s had a chance to pack in the guest stars (many of whom weren’t really stars at the time). Philip Seymour Hoffman? Check. Jennifer Garner? Check. Ty Burrell? Check. Clark Gregg? Check.

Though we could spend all day listing well-known actors who have had guest spots on Law and Order — with a thousand episodes, just by chance you’d find at least some now-successful celebs in the mix — today’s Law and Order spotlight is on the colorful characters of Litchfield Women’s Prison before they became the stars of OItNB. So just how many of our favorite prison show’s inmates (and officers) have made Law and Order appearances before Orange Is the New Black began? As it turns out, a lot of them. And, surprise, they weren’t always on the wrong side of the law.

If you want all the details — literally, all of them — check out Autostraddle’s episode-by-episode breakdown, which puts all of your favorite OItNB actors into their place in the Law and Order universe. We may never watch a Law and Order episode the same way again…

Source: Autostraddle

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