Behold the Genesis of Metro: Last Light

They say that on the seventh day, God rested. But God didn’t rest. He left.

The Metro: Last LightSurvivor” trailers offered a brief glimpse into the hellish underground life of three people who lived through the holocaust that burned the surface of the Earth. But what is that world like now? Black. Ruined. Crawling with horrific, mutated beasts, and wicked men who still seek to rule others by force.

The lengthy Metro: Last Light “Genesis” video is billed as a gameplay trailer but has obviously been put together to show off the shattered world in which the game is set, including the ruins of Moscow on the surface and what passes for human civilization in the Metro tunnels below it. And what’s roaming in those tunnels, outside the human fortifications: demons, nosalis, watchers and worse.

Metro is all about atmosphere, and this trailer does a fantastic job of setting it up, even allowing for a sliver of optimism amidst the gloom. “Judgment Day came, and He abandoned us, casting humanity aside like parasites. But there is still hope,” the narrator intones. “We have to face this Hell full on. Our fate, I hold in my own hands.”

By now, you either want to play this game or you don’t, and you better believe that I do. Assuming that THQ can avoid an implosion until at least the summer of next year, Metro: Last Light will come out in March 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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