Benchmark Capital Invests in Soccer MMOG Studio


Venture firm Benchmark Capital invests in online sports game company Power Challenge.

Benchmark Capital, which recently hired ex-Electronic Arts Mitch Lasky as a managing partner, announced an $8 million investment in Power Challenge, an online sports game developer. Power Challenge manages two products: Power Football, an online multiplayer soccer game played in the web browser, and Manager Zone, a virtual hockey and soccer team management game. Habbo Hotel, Bebo, Gaia Online, Second Life and eBay are all part of Benchmark Capital’s investment portfolio.

Power Challenge Chief Executive Officer Johan Christenson said, “By taking full advantage of the action and management aspects of sports, our games have become the ultimate destination for sports and game fans alike. Web-based gaming is the future of the industry as it takes interaction between users to a new level. With Benchmark on board we gain the network and resources we need to be a leading player in the web-based sports world. We can now increase the pace of releasing new games while developing an even richer game-playing experience for our existing users, all at the best value on the market.”

“Once again, Benchmark has been fortunate to be able to back a world class team, this time to build the leading global online sports game franchise,” added Benchmark Europe partner Johan Brenner.

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