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To The Editor: Just a quick note to say thank you – I hope and trust you receive many of these, because you deserve them. I really enjoy your magazine; it’s well-written, intelligent and thoughtful. Even when – perhaps especially when – I don’t think I’m especially interested in the theme, I always find something to make me go “ooh, I didn’t know that / didn’t think of it that way.”

I’ve been in the industry for 12 years and am profoundly and nastily cynical as the next developer, but you achieve a neat and thought-provoking balance between enthusiasm and reality.


In Respose to “Whither Sony” from The Escapist Lounge: If you look at the historical pattern of how many cycles it takes between a console makers entry to market and their eventual squeezing out, its typically 3. Atari had the 2600, the 5200 and the 7800 (or something) before bowing out in the wake of Nintendo. Sega had the Genesis, the Saturn and the Dreamcast before being squeezed out. Now its Sony’s turn, the PS3 will be their last console. Nintendo has been the sole exception to this pattern.


In Response to “Wii and We: Wee!” from The Escapist Lounge: Thanks for the write-up, Russ. Hearing the generally good news from your mouth puts to rest many of my worries concerning the Wii.

Looking at those pictures, with all their fancy lights and shimmering stage-walls, I am amazed at how much money goes into creating things like “The Expwiirience,” as you dub it, as well as E3 in general, and, really, any type of human gathering involving more than, say, six people. Where do people put all this money, such that I myself never seem able to find it, steal it, and spend it on intoxicants? That’s really my foremost concern, here.


In Response to “Warhammer Online or, ‘Do I expect Too Much’ ” from The Escapist Lounge: Its painfully evident that this is your first look at the game. I suggest you go read up on it (even at this early stage information abounds) and then try and say that it isn’t looking innovative.


In Response to “Warhammer Online or, ‘Do I expect Too Much’ ” from The Escapist Lounge: I really appreciate this review. It seems fairly objective, other than a few biases (“I wanted to see what the follow up to Imperator’s failed development was”), but a good baseline opinion from a non-Warhammer fan.


In Response to “At Night, the Ice Weasels Come” from The Escapist Lounge: Could you hint at the Guitar Hero guys that some people would like to have it on another console. I would like to try it out but I’m not going to buy a PS3 and all my money is going to the Wii and DS so I don’t have any spare cash to buy a PS2…


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