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Best Position for New NBA 2K24 Players

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Starting out in NBA 2K24 can be pretty overwhelming! There are multiple game modes, and even more things you can do within each game mode. The best place to start for most new players will be the NBA 2K24 MyCareer mode. This is where you create a custom character, choose a position and stats for them, and then enter in to the games semi-open world. You’ll be able to enjoy the game’s story around your character, as well as participate in quests, challenges, and multiplayer activities. All of these are rewarding and serve to grow your character from a Rookie in to a Hall of Fame worthy name. The first and most important part is creating your character, so here are the position and builds that are best for new NBA 2K24 players.

All Positions in NBA 2K24

One of the main parts of defining your character will be through your choice of position to play. The positions are as follow:

  • Center – These are the tallest boys on the court and typically play near the basket on either side. They’re excellent at close range scoring and defending thanks to their height. This is a great role for close range shooting, standing dunks and defending at the rim.
  • Power Forward – These are quite similar in role to the Centers. They are generally slightly smaller than Centers and more agile. They still play close to the rim and are usually great at things like rebounds and defending taller players. They’re also able to take mid ranged shots.
  • Small Forwards – This is a versatile role. They can square off against the taller and smaller players alike. They have good movement and can shoot well from mid range and close range alike.
  • Point Guard – This role is the king of the court. They have the best dribbling and passing and can make plays happen. They’re also very well versed in shooting at range for three pointers or at mid range. When it comes to defense they are usually adept at trying to steal back the ball and keeping on top of their marks.
  • Shooting Guard – This is the courts sniper. Generally they are the best shooters on the team. They are adept at shooting from range and sinking three pointers. They’re also excellent at dribbling around opponents.

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So far, I’ve found the Point Guard position to be the most versatile of the options available. Don’t get me wrong. There are amazing builds and playstyles for every position. It’s just that Point Guard is a perfect middle ground for creating so many really solid builds in NBA 2K24. You can specialize in hammering in three point shots from range like my PG build, or you can build them to be an excellent defender and mid range shooter so that they can be impactful at both ends of the court.

For newer players, having the option to build NBA 2K24 characters in a way that you’re not too locked in to one playstyle is, I think, the best way to get a handle on the game. Point Guards are best at this, and you really won’t be able to go wrong. They will have good maneuverability on the court, good shooting and even good defense, provided you build for that.

That’s it for the best position to choose as a new player in NBA 2K24. You can’t go wrong with a Point Guard and there are many ways you can distribute their stats to make them feel amazing to play in game!

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