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Best Skills and Traits for Cyberneticist Background in Starfield

Cybernetiscist background starfield

The Cyberneticist background is similar to the Cyber Runner background, serving real cyberpunk vibes in Starfield. It’s all about augmenting and enhancing your character’s capabilities. In this guide we’ll be covering the best traits and skills you can use to build a cool character from the Cyberneticist background in Starfield.

Best Skills and Traits for Cyberneticist Background in Starfield

This background starts out with the following three skills:

  • Medicine – Medpacks, Trauma Packs and Emergency Kits heal more and at a faster rate. It always helps to have better healing.
  • Security – Lets you hack more advanced locks and you get extra auto-attempts. There are many locked doors and safes in Starfield, so this skill certainly comes in handy.
  • Lasers – Laser weapons deal more damage. At max level, this skill can even cause enemies to ignite, which is awesome.


These can be whatever you like, as they aren’t the most impactful. I’ve chosen some that fit thematically with the Cyberneticist background.

  • Neon Street Rat – You gain additional dialog and rewards on Neon. This is the perfect place to be for someone wanting to hack big corporations and steal parts to enhance themselves!

Starfield neon street rat trait

  • Extrovert – Traveling with a companion expends less oxygen, but more without a companion. You can’t go wrong with having someone to watch your back while you’re hacking.

starfield extrovert trait

  • Terra Firma – You have more health and oxygen on planet, but less in space. There is much more for you to pursue on planet than in space.

Terra Firma Trait


Here are some skills you can use to build your Cyberneticist into a force to be reckoned with:

  • Cellular Regeneration – You can naturally recover from injuries and even resist them at higher levels.
  • Rejuvenation – You’re able to regenerate health. At higher levels you’ll even be able to regenerate health during combat.
  • Fitness – Gives you more oxygen and lets you expend less while sprinting.
  • Gymnastics – Gives you the ability to combat slide and jump higher. Now we’re really starting to feel like a cybernetically enhanced human!
  • Lasers – Maxing this skill out will net to a 50% damage increase with Laser weapons and a chance to ignite enemies.
  • Targeting – You have better accuracy and range when firing without aiming. You’ll even be able to mark enemies and at max level have a chance to disarm them. Augment your aim with this one.
  • Boost Assault Training – You can make use of boost packs and at high levels even slow down time while hovering. Sounds like a solid augment and reminds me of one used in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners!

Those are the best skills and traits to use with the Cyberneticist background in Starfield. With this background and build, you can set yourself up to really feel like you’re a cybernetically enhanced badass!

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