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Best Strategy for Simulated Universe World 7 in Honkai: Star Rail

Fighting the Ebon Deer boss in World 7

Patch 1.2 for Honkai: Star Rail delivered the first new addition to the Simulated Universe since launch, a brand new World 7 to battle our way through. World 7 has new Planar Relic sets to farm for and extra rewards for completing it at each difficulty tier, making it well worth trying out. In this guide we’ll cover the best strategy to clear World 7 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail to earn yourself some nice rewards!

How to Easily Beat Simulated Universe World 7 in Honkai: Star Rail

Team Comp

The very first thing to consider for beating World 7 is your team composition. With the final boss fight and many other enemies being weak against Fire, Ice, and Quantum, it’s a good idea to have at least a couple of characters who match those weakness types to help you break shields, especially in the final boss fight. For damage dealers you could bring Hook or Himeko for Fire, Yanqing for Ice, or Seele for Quantum. If you plan to bring Silver Wolf, you can also then use Blade or Jing Yuan, as they will be much more effective if Silver Wolf gets weakness procs of their type on enemies. If you want to bring a tank Gepard is best, while Fire Trailblazer is also effective, and Clara is excellent in all the battles leading up to the last boss. For healers, use Luocha if you have him, otherwise Natasha or Bailu are good alternatives. Lastly for supports, Silver Wolf is highly recommended, as is Bronya. If you have neither of them, then Tingyun or Yukong will suffice.Honkai Star Rail World 7 team comps

Path, Blessings and Curios

For the Path, go with The Hunt. It’s still an incredibly strong path and versatile enough to fit almost every team comp. For your starter blessing, go with Blessing Cosmos for the free blessing and choose a Hunt blessing if you get one; if you don’t. you can try to re-roll for another chance. The goal here is to build up to your Path of Resonance: The Hunt as quickly as possible. Once you’ve unlocked your Resonance, aim to unlock as many Resonance Formations as you’re currently able to use. The best way to do this is to always make the choice to go with combat at the end of a stage and fight everything you come across. Always re-roll blessings to try and get a Hunt Blessing. This should ensure you’re stacking up Hunt Blessings and you’ll get your first Resonance Formation pretty quickly. You’ll want to take Resonance Formation: Bow and Arrow as your first Formation. This lets you reset your Resonance when you finish off enemies with it, letting you blast through weaker enemies very quickly.

Honkai Star Rail world 7 Hunt Resonance

The first Elite battle with the Malefic Ape should be pretty easy with your blessings and Resonance. Once you defeat it you will be rewarded with a 3-star blessing. Hopefully you get offered a Hunt blessing, otherwise, again, re-roll for one, and don’t worry; it will still offer a 3-star blessing if you re-roll. You’ll also gain a Curio. Keep an eye out for Sealing Wax of the Hunt, which increases Hunt blessings appearing as rewards. The Doctor’s Robe is also an excellent pick up, allowing more use of your Resonance as well as increasing its damage by 40%.

Honkai Star Rail world 7 curios to choose

Herta Choices

When you come across Herta in the rest areas, you can choose either to receive a 1-star blessing if you still need to stack Hunt blessings or (if you have the currency to spare) you can upgrade two random blessings. Continue battling through enemies and gaining blessings until you unlock your next Resonance Formation, then take Star Hunter followed by Perfect Aim last. Having all three is a pretty wild boost in damage output, but even with just the first two you will receive a significant amount of increased DPS.

Boss Fight – Ebon Deer

You should be able to cruise through everything now right up until the boss fight. The boss of World 7 is the Abundant Ebon Deer, which features as a tough boss fight in the story on the Xianzhou Luofu. Don’t forget to use as many of your character Talents as you can before engaging. A lot of characters have buffs to damage or defenses that they can activate with a Talent point. You can stack these together, then use a character with an active Talent to engage the fight and ensure you’re starting out with the most damage possible. One of the trickiest parts of this fight is dealing with the powerful plants that the Ebon Deer can summon. These can heal, buff, or de-buff and are incredibly annoying.

Honkai Star Rail Ebon Deer boss fight

Prioritize taking out the ones that can heal and use AOE attacks as much as you can. Save your Resonance to help you burst down these plants and preferably finish them off so that you can gain refreshes on your Resonance. Just don’t get too caught up in dealing with the plants, otherwise it will take ages to take down the boss. With the stacked Blessings of the Hunt and the use of Resonance, you should deal plenty of damage though and burn down the boss very quickly. Once you beat the boss, you can claim your rewards and then you’re done. World 7 complete!

Honkai Star Rail completing World 7

That is the best strategy for taking on the new World 7 of Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. With a good team comp, Path of the Hunt, and a stack of Hunt Blessings you’ll have a powerful Resonance to help you blast through the challenge. If you’re looking to tackle World 7, I hope this strategy will help you beat it nice and easily, just like it did for me! And if you’re looking for the best team comps or builds for particular characters or other information to help you make it through, take a look through our full set of guides.

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