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Best Welt Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Team Comps for Welt in Honkai: Star Rail
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All of the characters in Honkai: Star Rail can be effective if built the right way and placed in the right kinds of teams. Despite his elegant appearance and calm nature, Welt is an absolute weapon, so if you’re looking for the team comps that make him devastating to enemies in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Team Comps to Make Welt Shine in Honkai: Star Rail

Welt is primarily used as debuff support due to his abilities. Edge of the Void, for example, decreases enemy speed and causes them to be knocked back on the attack order. This enables your team to get more attacks in, as well as take less damage. Synthetic Black Hole imprisons enemies, which essentially disables them for a turn and also lowers their speed. There are several team comps that greatly benefit from Welt’s disruptions and slowing capabilities.

Best Welt Free-to-Play Team

While there are plenty of free Rail Passes available for Warps that allow you to try for different characters, it’s never guaranteed, especially not for 5-stars. So, if you’ve managed to pull Welt, but are otherwise relying on characters unlocked through the campaign, here is the best team to use.

Welt – Natasha – Fire Trailblazer – Dan Heng

Best Free-to-Play team comp for Welt in Honkai: Star Rail.

This team is designed to set up Dan Heng to be as effective as possible in dealing the majority of damage. Welt contributes to the damage output, but he functions more as a secondary damage dealer. Welt slows down and disables enemies and the Fire Trailblazer sets up shields for the team, while Natasha heals as needed and otherwise just generates energy for Dan Heng to use his special ability as often as possible.

Top Welt Teams

Welt’s Speed-Slow comp is one that is pretty awesome to play. It’s an offense-focused team, using two offense-focused supports and only one defensive support, but that only makes it more hard-hitting.

Seele – Welt – Asta – Gepard

Seele is the main damage dealer here. If you don’t have her, she can be swapped out for Clara, Yanqing, Dan Heng, or Sushang for maximum damage output. Welt and Asta form the core of the Speed-Slow build. Welt slows and disables enemies and Asta uses her ultimate to speed up the team, creating a pretty wild dynamic on the attack timeline where enemy attacks are pushed so far behind yours that your team will often be attacking several times in a row before enemies even get a chance to move a finger! 

The cherry on top is the defensive support bringing in shields or healing to cover the team when enemies do get the chance to attack. Gepard can be swapped out for your defensive support of choice including Fire Trailblazer, Bailu, or Natasha.

Welt – Bronya – Pela – Gepard

If you want to run Welt as your main damage dealer, this is possible with the Welt Nuke comp. It focuses on enabling Welt to deal as much damage as possible. Bronya is key to this thanks to her insane damage boosting capabilities, but she can be substituted for Tingyun. 

Pela’s ultimate debuffs enemies, shredding their defenses so they take more damage. She can also freeze, which adds a defensive layer to her contributions. Then Gepard provides shielding to keep the team safe and functional, but he can be swapped out for another defensive support such as the Fire Trailblazer or a healer.

If you really want the focus to be on Welt, ensure you build him with as much damage as possible for this team comp, focusing on critical hit chance and critical damage, as well as raw attack stats through his Relics.

That covers it for the best Welt team comps in Honkai: Star Rail. If you were lucky enough to have pulled Welt, hopefully you’ll enjoy using him in one of these awesome team comps! 

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