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Best Yelan Team Comps in Genshin Impact

One of the best 5 Star characters in all of game is finally getting a re-run, so here are the best Yelen team comps in Genshin Impact.

One of the best 5 Star characters in all of Genshin Impact is finally getting a re-run. Yelan is back on the limited character banner for 4.0, and if you’ve decided to pull her, then you’ve made a great choice! Her power and high damage as an off-field damage support opens up so many team comp opportunities. She has quite the high Energy Recharge requirements and needs that to Burst often, but as long as you can address those needs, she can fit in nearly any team comp in the game and will make it better. While she’s extremely versatile, but let’s take a look at some of the best Yelan team comps in Genshin Impact.

Best Yelan Team Comps to Try in Genshin Impact

You’ll want to play Yelan in a very similar way to Xingqiu. In fact she’s much like a far superior version of him, but they also make a pretty excellent duo as well. You’ll want to set up with your supports first and then swap into Yelan. Use her Skill and try to get enough energy to Burst with her. Once her Burst is up, swap into your main on-field damage dealer. Enjoy as they add a torrent of Yelan damage to their own attacks and apply lots of Hydro.

Double Hydro Vape

Double Hydro Vape Comp

Hutao – Yelan – Xingqiu – Kazuha

This team focuses on loading up off-field Hydro damage with Yelan and Xingqiu to set up the Pryo damage dealer to deal maximum damage. You’ll have a ton of Hydro from Yelan and Xingqiu’s Bursts to then vape with your Pyro damage like Hutao. Yoimiya is also a very good option to swap in for this team. Kazuha with the Viridescent Venerer set will shred resistances and be able to swirl and group up enemies. He brings a ton of utility to the comp. He could be swapped out for someone like Sucrose who can fill a similar role. Even the brand new Anemo 4 Star Lynette that you get for free at the moment can fulfil this role well. If you’re getting knocked around a lot, you could opt for a shielder like Zhongli or Layla.

Yelan Hyperbloom

Yelan Hyperbloom Comp

Yelan – Nahida – Kuki Shinobu – Alhaitham

Hyperbloom is still one of the strongest reactions in Genshin at the moment and Yelan is one of the best additions to this team. She is a direct upgrade to Xingqiu in this comp and performs the same role of being an off-field Hydro applicator that deals a ton of damage as well.

Set up with Nahida, use Kuki’s Skill for healing and the Electro application, then use Yelan’s skill to apply some Hydro and then activate her Burst. Swap in to Alhaitham and watch the numbers fly, as there will be Dendro, Hydro, and Electro damage everywhere. It’s a very powerful single-target comp build that’s still excellent for smaller groups of enemies. Nahida can be swapped out for Kirara to add in shielding to the team. Alhaitham could be swapped out for Tighnari as well, which is especially viable if using Kirara.

Those are some of the best team comps to use with Yelan in Genshin Impact. If you pull her in the current banner, definitely give these comps a try if you have the characters. And for more, check out our picks for the Best Yelan Build in Genshin Impact.

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