Beta Updated 10/3


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Updated: 10/03

We have performed an update to the AC2 Beta. Please read on for details.
For more information, see the Known

We thumped the Lag Beast one more time. Once again, to try to stir the beast
from its foul lair, we want to load up the Red world to full capacity. For this
reason we will not re-open the Blue world for play until we get Red filled to
the point where we start to lag again.

Here are significant changes/fixes. These are all the fixes and changes since
the last build we had on the Red and Blue worlds.

Bugs/crashes/glitches fixed

A lockup that occurred with sound and music has been fixed. If you turned
sound/music off to prevent crashes, try turning them on now. However, if it
crashes again, you’ll need to turn off audio again.

When you run the ac2config utility, adaptive degrade system is now enabled
by default for very low, low and medium graphics detail levels.  This
means that mobile objects such as characters, monsters and pets are all degraded
automatically based your current framerate.  The aggressiveness of this
feature can be controlled with the “Adaptive Degrade Bias” preference in the
Graphics section of the client preferences UI.  The default bias amount
is set appropriately for each detail level.

Fixed wielded objects drawing shadows using self-shadowing when self-shadowing
was disabled in the preferences.  This will improve performance for users
who run with volumetric shadows enabled.

Options panel glitches fixed.

Hopefully fixes all made to prevent items that cannot be picked up.

Sounds will now consistently play in EAX mode.

Balance changes

We no longer boost new characters to level 20. This limited time offer has

Monsters are better able to run to you. If you find a place where monsters
still seem confused as to how to get to you, please report it as a bug on

You can now kill monsters up to 10 levels below you and get full XP; after
that it drops off. Vitae-holed players rejoice!

We have seen that groups advance faster than solos. The group XP bonus was
making that gap even wider. We have removed the group XP bonus entirely to
see how that changes advancement rates compared between solos and groups.
We are watching the results very closely.

The higher-level areas of Omishan are much friendlier to players in their
30s.  Feast now on the nerfed Nefanes, Niffis, Moarsmen, and Sclavus

Linvak Tukal is now very hostile. Not even uber groups under level 30 should
be able to do well there. Oh, those Dilloes! But oh, the loot…

Area of Effect spells by monsters were buggy, very unlikely to hit. Not buggy
any more; they’ll hit more often.

Crones had a bug making them pushovers for their XP/loot. Bug fixed.

More changes are on the way to make sure that progression and reward have
not been reduced too much by the above changes. Have faith.


Fixed Tenderize.

Special skills (awarded by virtue of your PK rating) are a bit easier to
get at lower ratings.


Fixed Arwic Vault.

Cobalt Sweeps Vault boss has been made easier.

Cracked Mist Opal and repaired Mist Opal are attuned.

Cleanse the Burial Mound and Slavetaker’s Head are now safe to do while
fellowed. Success in sub-stages is not shared by the whole fellowship anymore.

The following NPCs now have appropriate strings for when returning items
back to the player: Slavetaker’s Head, Three Doctrines, Broken Totem, Ancient

Conflicting info on proper race for Spiritseekers has been fixed.

Fixed the Broth of Tanacha quest duration/effect.


The PK Ranking system works properly again.

The “FIX ME” portal to Linvak Tukal has been… fixed!

Tanglefoot Vermin and Drudge Outcast drop proper glyphs now.

Matthew “Stucco” Ford

AC2 Team

Lead Program Manager of AC2

@Microsoft Game Studios

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