Bethesda Springs Second Creepy Vine Teaser


The flowers burn. He watches. In the distance, a cock crows and a widow weeps. And as the lonely gloom of dusk settles upon her soul, an old woman listens to her dreams wither and die.

Okay, yes, I made up most of that stuff, but what’s a guy with a word count supposed to do? I’ve got six seconds of burning sunflowers to work with here and no idea what’s going on.

This is the second Vine video teaser Bethesda has dumped on our laps in two days, the first one being here and no more comprehensible than this. Barbed wire, music, flowers, fire, a faceless man – I can’t say this is ringing any bells for me.

Speaking of ringing bells, it is perhaps worth noting that the audio track, which I had originally taken as the scratching of the old album in the first teaser, is identical in the second. Coincidence perhaps, and the volume levels are off, but as far as my ears can tell they’re otherwise exactly alike. Relevant? You tell me!

In fact, that’s not a bad idea at all – somebody tell me what this is all about. I’m thinking it’s a lead-up to a Prey 2 reveal but that might be kind of a long shot, so I’m open to other suggestions too. Anyone? Anyone?

Source: Vine

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