Bioshock Game Previews Glowingly Positive


Several gaming websites recently previewed the spiritual sequel to System Shock 2, and impressions were positive across the board.

Bioshock, the upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game under development by Irrational Games, is a hybrid first-person shooter and roleplaying game, though the orientation appears to be geared more toward the former.

The setting is an lost and forgotten underwater dystopia called Rapture, blending retro art deco with somewhat more futuristic creatures and gadgets. The world was created by a cabal of intelligent men whose plans to create superhumans has gone awry.

According to reviewers’ gameplay impressions of the first two levels, there is a high degree of interaction and a lot of fluidity between the weapons, gadgets and tactics available at the player’s disposal. Enemies also respond organically, reacting to the environment and changes the player makes to it.

According to the game’s developers, the player’s moral choices will have repercussions for the storyline further along into the game.

Sources: Gamespot, FiringSquad, IGN.

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