BioWare: Activision Threat to Pull PS3 Support Is “Silly”


BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk criticized Activision’s recent threat to pull support for the PlayStation 3 as “silly,” saying that it’s unfair to poke fun at Sony considering the power of the brand and the volume of the PS3’s userbase.

Last month Activision’s Bobby Kotick dropped jaws when he declared that, if his company were “being realistic,” they might have to “stop supporting Sony.” Some of us took this as Kotick just being full of hot air, others took it to be conclusive evidence that the man had accumulated such riches that it had literally drove him insane, and others, like BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk, thought he was just making a joke.

Saying what Kotick did was no laughing matter, though, Zeschuk thinks.

“I don’t think it’s really fair to poke fun at Sony,” Zeschuk told CVG. “Certainly the Wii’s been a massive success and Sony’s probably not going as fast as they thought it would be but I think that they’re starting to make the right moves and the software’s coming along.”

Not only is poking fun at Sony unfair, Zeschuk thinks, it’s just plain silly talk. “I think it’s silly to be saying you’re not going to support Sony,” Zeschuk said. “The brand itself is still huge and there are millions of [users] out there.”

Seeing somebody defend a game company from arguably irrational prejudice is common enough on a videogame forum, but hearing it from a developer’s mouth is a wholly different thing. Of course, Zeschuk isn’t really white knighting Sony, he’s just being a rational kind of person. They don’t just call him a doctor because he’s got a medical degree, after all. Oh wait, they do.

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