BioWare Fixes Witch Hunt DLC


BioWare has released a patch for the Witch Hunt DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, correcting the “continuity bug” that threw a monkey wrench into some players’ relationships with Morrigan.

If you’ve already played Witch Hunt, the grand finale to Dragon Age: Origins that came out a couple weeks ago, then you may have noticed some oddness in your encounter with Morrigan. As BioWare’s Mark Darrah put it, “There is a continuity bug that is causing issues with a subset of our player base. While this issue is not affecting the majority of people, it is still a significant issue that we will address.” What that means, simply put, is that the choices you made with regards to Morrigan over the course of Origins may not be reflected in Witch Hunt, which is a pretty big deal given that the whole point of the add-on was to tie up those loose strings.

Two weeks later and a fix is finally on the way in the form of the Witch Hunt version 1.1 patch. The update makes two big changes to the DLC: Ensuring that the conversation with Morrigan properly ties in with the choices made in the “Dark Ritual” plot from Origins and automatically generating a saved game after the final Witch Hunt cut scene plays. BioWare is also working on a standalone installer which will allow the update to be installed without using DAUpdater, although no time frame for its release was given.

Gamers who have already purchased Witch Hunt and want to grab the patch to see what was really supposed to happen can download it from the “Entitlements page” on the BioWare Social Network. If, on the other hand, you decided that BioWare’s reputation for screwing up DLC launches merited a “wait and see” approach, the coast is now clear – you can safely pick up the Witch Hunt DLC from for 560 BioWare/Microsoft points.

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