BioWare Gives Liara a Reduction Mammoplasty


BioWare’s Liara T’Soni statuette will hit the shelves with her assets considerably deflated.

In September 2011, BioWare sought feedback on the prototype statuette of Liara T’Soni, the Asari biotic who helped Commander Shepard save the Citadel in the original Mass Effect. And feedback it got, specifically in relation to Liara’s breasts, which were, well, gargantuan. Mammoth. Humongous. Like a couple of volleyballs stuffed into tube socks. You get the idea.

The statuettes are being developed in partnership with Japanese company Kotobukiya and are meant to be a “bishoujo”-style rendition of the character, which helps to explain the malproportioned look, but the original design was still a bit much for an awful lot of fans to swallow. BioWare, to its credit, appears to have heard the complaints and acted upon them, as newer images of the statuette reveal a Liara packing considerably smaller guns.

It still looks nothing like Liara, it’s still striking a ridiculous pose and its focal point is still a healthy set of Asari jugs mashed together in the classic “pay attention to me on MySpace” fashion. It is, in other words, still the reduction of a brilliant, conflicted scientist to a cheap slab of fanboy cheesecake. But hey, at least her boobs are smaller. Until BioWare releases a statuette of Zaeed in a banana hammock, I suppose we’ll have to take what small victories we can.

via: Kotaku

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