Bioware Receives Cupcakes as a Thank You for Female Inquisitor


Fans thank Bioware for promoting the female Inquisitor in their promotion of Dragon Age: Inquisition with cupcakes.

Back in 2012 Bioware received a large batch of cupcakes as a form of protest for the three endings available in Mass Effect 3. Fans were outraged that the endings seemed to be carbon copies in different shades of color, so they sent cupcakes reflecting that. It was a bittersweet treat to receive. But now Bioware employees can see cupcakes without experiencing post-traumatic stress.

Project CupcakeQuisition came to fruition because fans wanted to express their gratitude to Bioware for making the default character featured on the promotional material for their newest game Dragon Age: Inquisition female, for playing as other female characters in their E3 demos, and for their inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community in general. The depictions of the character were gender neutral at first, but the E3 trailer confirmed the character was a Female Inquisitor. As a result, fans banded together and a few weeks later Bioware received a special delivery.

One of the leading participants of the cupcake project blogged about her reasons why she helped send the Dragon Age team 22 dozen mini cupcakes on July 4th. One of the reasons listed was how despite Mass Effect having the option to be either female or male, Male Commander Shepard was always seen as the real Shepard, “It’s just frustrating to always be the afterthought. Especially when even the company that has built its reputation on inclusiveness still puts a white male face on every game.”

In a forum thread about that very topic, Bioware developer Allan Schumacher got involved and mentioned he was taking that feedback back to his team. Then the trailer for E3 was shown, making fans feel like they were listened to, ” We wanted to show how much this mattered to us, and so after weeks of organizing, cupcakes happened. And the response from the devs has been greater than we imagined. “

Source: Tumblr

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