BioWare Reveals Most Used Cmdr. Shepard Names in Mass Effect

Mass Effect Names

The most used female and male names for Commander Shepard in Mass Effect has just been revealed by BioWare.

While we’ve yet to hear any official news regarding the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise aside from a few concept photos, BioWare has updated its blog and revealed what the most used names were in the hit action-RPG franchise. Unsurprisingly, the default character names (Jane/John) were the most commonly used, but those who “ventured off the beaten path,” and changed their Shepard’s name to a different one, the results on which name was the most famous can be seen below.

For those who chose to have their Commander Shepard be a female, the most common name was Sarah; while for males it was Jack. The list rounds of the top five for each gender, and even lists the most used names in Germany (Sarah/Chris), Italy (Sarah/Alex), Russia (Kate/Alex), France (Sarah/David), Spain (Alice/Alex), and Poland (Kate/Adam).

For more Mass Effect news, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn has revealed that a Mass Effect trilogy remastered for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has been considered by the studio. Also, don’t forget to check out these Mass Effect LEGO mini figures that lets you assemble your squad in the cutest way possible.

As someone who almost always chooses the default name in RPGs, I admit, I’m a bit giddy that my name (Alex) is in both top five lists. What name did you use for your Commander Shepard? Is it part of the top five or something less vanilla?

Source: BioWare

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