Black Ops 2 “Revolution” DLC Unofficially Revealed


Early promotional posters detail downloadable content for CoD: Black Ops 2, including the first weapon DLC for the series.

Several images are making the rounds revealing that DLC is inbound for Black Ops 2 to ring in the New Year. A number of Twitter users have posted images of unofficially announced promotional material for “Revolution”, the first DLC pack for the first-person shooter.

“Revolution” appears to feature a number of new maps named “Hydro”, “Grind”, “Downhill”, and “Mirage”. A zombie-themed map titled “Die Rise” is also thrown into the mix, and there’s also going to be a bonus weapon called the “Peacekeeper SMG”. It looks like the DLC will be available January 29th.

Twitter user @RaptorClaw141, one of the photographers, reported that the store’s manager wasn’t told to hold off displaying the promotional material until a certain date.

If these photos are the real deal, the DLC will be the first to feature additional weapons for the game series. Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin stated on his own Twitter account last year that Modern Warfare 3 was unable to handle additional weapons due to RAM limitations. Perhaps Treyarch managed to find a way around the issue.

No official announcements have been made for the new content just yet.

Source: Charlie Intel, Twitter

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