We all know Call of Duty is popular, but these statistics might make your jaw drop all the same.

Time for a blinding flash of the obvious: Games like Call of Duty: Black Ops are popular. No, they’re very, very popular. But it’s hard to really wrap your mind around figures like “sold eighteen bajillion copies in an hour” and “added three zillion dollars to Bobby Kotick’s money bin” – they just seem to blend together.


So Activision has released a bunch of statistics that help put the staggering popularity of Black Ops in perspective. For example, 62 billion virtual soldiers have met violent deaths in-game, or nine times the current population of the world, since the game’s November release. Since World War II killed a paltry 73,000,000 people in comparison, this means that the largest conflict in human history has been played out in Black Ops 161 times every day (Edit: Since some of you pointed out in the comments that the math doesn’t add up, I’m not quite sure what the “161 Second World Wars” stat is referring to).

Players have fallen the height of Mount Everest (29,029 feet) 5.67 million times. 1.1 trillion (that’s 1,100 billion) bullets have been fired, and 5.12 billion of them scored headshots. Gamers fired 3.4 billion explosive crossbow bolts, and scored 28.49 million kills with the tomahawk – by bouncing it off of things.

In addition to these ludicrous numbers, this infograph also confirms that the most deadly killstreak bonus is the RC-XD explosive remote-control car. Damn right it is – I hate that thing!

(Image from Activision, via Wired)


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