Blizzard April Fools’ Roundup: T.I.N.D.R, Big Head Mode, And More

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Blizzard, as always, has some pretty top notch April Fools’ Day jokes for (almost) all of its major franchises.

Blizzard is really pulling out all of the stops for its April Fools’ Day joke this year, preparing some big jokes for (almost) all of its major franchises.

Let’s start off with World of Warcraft, which is joking introducing T.I.N.D.R (a not-so-subtle jab at dating app Tinder) for Garrison followers, giving players the opportunity to help their followers find true love.

“Acquiring a T.I.N.D.R. Box is easy!” explainsthe blog post. “Similar to the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera, you’ll be given a random mission in your Garrison that will award a T.I.N.D.R. Box. It can then be applied to any level 100 Follower just like any other upgrade, and that Follower-armed with their new dating gadget-will spend countless hours swiping left and right as they meander through your Garrison, overriding whatever task you’ve assigned them to.”

“When your Follower returns, you’ll be able to see if their mission was successful in fanning the flames of passion, or if they’d “rather just not talk about it.” Either way, as your Garrison’s commander you’ll receive a reward for your attempts at cultivating a courtship-along with a S.E.L.F.I.E. from your Follower documenting their results.”

Check out some images of T.I.N.D.R in action below:

Additionally, there’s a set of hilarious fake patch notes for the game.

Next up, Heroes of The Storm.


For Heroes of The Storm, Blizzard’s newest franchise (which is technically an amalgamation game of all their other franchises…) it has really gone all-out, by actually building the damn joke in-game. Introducing “Big Head Mode” – an actual new (albeit, most likely temporary) game mode that you can play in Heroes of The Storm right now!

“Have you always wanted to see chibi Illidan face off against a kawaii Lord of Terror? Now’s your chance! This unique gameplay mode is automatically enabled the moment you step foot into your favorite Battleground, and features the same dynamic 5v5 combat you’ve come to know and love!” explains Blizzard.

This one really has to be seen to be explained, so check it out in the screenshots below, or just go ahead and play it yourself!

Next, let’s check in on StarCraft.


For the StarCraft April Fool’s Joke, Blizzard is taking a dig at pre-order culture, especially a certain space simulator game with ludicrously expensive pre-order ships.

“Introducing the Spear of Adun (again)! Why settle for a simple button or desk caddy to represent your enthusiasm for StarCraft II when you could pilot a real Protoss arkship?” writes the blog.


“These made-to-order*, full-scale replicas of the vessel found in Legacy of the Void are accurate down to the smallest details, from the Orbital Assimilator to the motorized cup holders. The technology is here! Do not hesitate as orders are sure to fill up. Head over to our Gear Store now to begin customizing your personal Spear of Adun. Consider purchasing one for a friend to start your own Golden Armada!

*estimated completion date 2315″

Pre-order yours today for the special price of just $9,999,998

Lastly, we have Hearthstone and a general Blizzard joke.


Hearthstone‘s April Fool’s joke, despite being arguably Blizzard’s most popular franchise right now, is quite tame. Along with some fake patch notes, Blizzard says it is introducing a “painstaking HD update” for the original Hearthstone card back. See if you can spot the difference in the new back below:


Finally, as a general cross-franchise joke, Blizzard is introducing B’motes, a new way to communicate with your friends.


“With a staggering variety of brand-new emotes and expressions as well as an Automated Chat Optimization Overlay (AChOO*), you can finally sound just as epic as the heroes you play. To get the full run-down of how B’Motes will take your social online experience to the next level, visit the official B’Motes page now!

That’s it! Sorry, Diablo and Overwatch fans, looks like there are no jokes for these two franchises this year (at time of writing, at least).

Source: Blizzard

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