Blizzard Devs Mess With Felicia Day in WoW


What do you do when web-video personality Jace Hall comes to check out your office? If you’re PC developer Blizzard, apparently you take the opportunity to f*ck with geek heartthrob Felicia Day.

The above video was actually first posted almost a year ago, in December ’08, but it’s been making the rounds recently after Blizzard promoted it to fansites as a “mockumentary” – and it’s hilarious, so if you watched it a year ago, no shame in watching again.

In the video, producer Jace Hall visits the Blizzard HQ at some point around the launch of Wrath of the Lich King – the press release says before, but how else would someone playing on the live servers be in Howling Fjord? – and interviews WoW masterminds Tom Chilton, Jeff Kaplan, and J. Allen Brack, who all get the opportunity to show off their comedic talents and poke fun at their own game (and now I’m sad that we won’t actually be getting a pink unicorn mount, but oh well). It’s funny stuff, especially if you hang out in Azeroth more than occasionally.

But the real highlight of the video comes when Hall asks Chilton if he could use his GM powers to get revenge on Felicia Day, nerd sweetheart star of rival web series The Guild – and avid WoW player – for rubbing it in Hall’s face that her show was more popular than his. I’m not going to spoil what actually happens, because it’s something that really needs to be seen un-spoiled. Even if it was faked or arranged beforehand (which is certainly the case), it’s still pretty darn funny.

Who says game developers don’t have senses of humor?

(Via World of Raids)

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