Blizzard Fans Fuse StarCraft 2 and WoW Into Whole New Game


Blizzard doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to make a StarCraft MMO, so a group of players are taking matters into their own hands.

To the layman, the Galaxy Editor that comes with StarCraft 2 might look like nothing more than a map maker, but in actual fact, it’s a lot more robust than that. Even before the game’s release, beta testers were using it to make kart racing games, and since then, people have used it to make survival horror games, and even rebuilt parts of World of Warcraft.

This latest project is similar to the WoW recreation, but a touch more ambitious at the same time. Dubbed “World of StarCraft,” it takes the heroes – and the enemies – from StarCraft 2 and recasts them as characters in game that’s rather reminiscent of the the biggest MMO on the block. World of StarCraft won’t ape WoW too closely, however, as “RyanWin,” the project lead, wants people to be able to dive in and have fun without having to invest a lot of time in levelling and getting equipment. Put together by three talented StarCraft fans, World of StarCraft is currently in a “pre-alpha” stage. RyanWin plans to include ten classes in all, five each for the Human and Protoss factions, but is currently still working on the human “Ghost” class, a covert operative with psychic powers and the ability to become invisible.

It’ll be some time before the game is ready to play, but if you’re interested in helping out, either as a designer or as a playtester, you can apply on the official project forums. You can also read about the project in more depth, including some of the ideas that the team hopes to implement, and what they’ve achieved so far.

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