Blizzard Granting Wishes For Diablo II


Yes, Blizzard’s still supporting Diablo II, and they’re taking fan suggestions for the game’s next patch.

Though it’s a pretty different scene these days from what it used to be when the words “Stone of Jordan” could elicit orgasmic spasms from any dungeon crawling loot whore, Diablo II‘s still got a healthy and active community of players. Blizzard’s more than aware of this fact, and they’re building the next patch for the game that not even death can save you from with those players in mind.

“We’re in the process of working on Diablo II content patch 1.13, and we want to try to include the Diablo community’s most important changes in our production schedule,” Blizzard’s Diablo community manager, Bashiok, said. “To achieve this we’re asking for your input on what you’d like to see in this patch.”

Instead of just having an open call for fan wish lists, though, Blizzard’s looking for something very specific: “If you were to get an advance look at the patch notes for Diablo II 1.13, what is the one patch note you would want to see?” The objective here being to get an idea of what the most important request from each member of the community is.

Of course, Blizzard fans being Blizzard fans, within the first five replies someone had written about half a novel of requests. Otherwise, from a cursory skim, popular requests seemed to be a large shared storage option for items, the ability to respect abilities, more measures against item duping (a problem that greatly effects the game’s economy but may be inevitable) as well as your typical class balance requests.

My suggestion? Finish Diablo III. I’ll always love D2 and appreciate them still supporting the game, but I want to be seeing Deckard Cain rendered in modern graphics before 2015. Also, u giev SoJ?

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