Blizzard’s New MMO Will “Blow People’s Minds”


Blizzard says its upcoming MMO will be really, really good.

Blizzard’s lips have largely been sealed when it comes to revealing new information about its current MMO project that may or may not be codenamed Titan. It dropped some hints in February and now has dropped a few more, but unfortunately still doesn’t delve into specifics.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Blizzard COO Paul Sams said that the company will definitely continue to support World of Warcraft even after Titan is released for “many, many years to come.” With 12 million players currently farming up bolts of cloth, I’d say that’s a strong financial move.

Sams believes that the new MMO won’t necessarily steal customers from WoW, but become a second game for Blizzard fans to enjoy at the same time. “As to our new unannounced game, we believe that it will be more complementary than competitive,” he said. “And while people do have a limited amount of free time that they can devote to these types of games, we do think that people will want to check out the new and the old.”

He adds that Blizzard feels its second MMO will be very compelling, successful, and that it’ll capture a lot of hearts and minds. In fact, Sams predicts it will “blow people’s minds” in addition to capturing them.

As for how the game will do that, Sams says Blizzard is building it with an eye on the future. “Some of the new things that maybe we would want to do, we can’t do as elegantly because of the way we’ve architected [World of Warcraft],” he revealed. Titan is being developed with what Sams calls a “vision for what is coming.”

Sams added that Titan will be a “different game” that will “expand [players’] gaming experiences.” I’ll bet anyone $5 that it’ll still have a fetch quest or make us kill 10 giraffes, just for old time’s sake.

Source: VentureBeat

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