BlizzCon 2010: Blizzard Adding L4D, DotA to StarCraft 2


Blizzard will be adding to the StarCraft II experience with four free games built in the map editor – including its very own version of DotA.

StarCraft II‘s custom map makers aren’t the only ones playing around with the game’s powerful map editor. Blizzard employees have been working on a quartet of custom games that the developer plans to release to all StarCraft II owners in the coming months.

The four games are obviously taking cues from other games in a tongue-in-cheek style: Starjeweled is almost certainly a Bejeweled clone, and Left 2 Die is a nod towards Valve’s popular Left 4 Dead series.

Interestingly enough, Blizzard seems to be intentionally going head-to-head with Valve with Blizzard DotA – in direct competition to Valve’s recently-unveiled DotA 2.

The fourth game, Aiur Chef doesn’t reference any games per se, but we can only hope that there will be an over-the-top Chairman introducing the secret ingredient: Zergling. According to the BlizzCon program, Aiur Chef “takes you to a remote area of the planet Aiur, where aspiring zealot chefs skilled in the arts of cooking and killing compete for the title of Executor Chef.”

All four of these games will be released to the StarCraft 2 community for free.

(Image courtesy Malgayne)

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