BlizzCon 2010: Blizzard Announces Final Diablo 3 Class


Blizzard has unveiled the fifth member of the Diablo 3 quintet – the Demon Hunter.

As part of the keynote speech at this year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard’s Chris Metzen has announced the fifth and final class Diablo 3. Joining the Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Monk and Wizard is the Demon Hunter, a rogue-like character armed with a crossbow, bombs, and lots and lots of arrows.

Also announced are PVP battle arenas for both solo and team play, which will give players the opportunity to bust out some of their meanest attacks and get medieval on their fellow adventurers.

In a panel following the keynote, Blizzard elaborated on the design of the Demon Hunter. The character was designed from the ground up as a Ranger-type class – a physically attractive young woman (or man) who is out for revenge on the demons that threaten the world of Sanctuary. She is the “obsessed hero,” whose quest for vengeance leads her to dabble in powers she may not be able to control.

To that end, she has gadgets beyond her dual crossbows, such as bombs, traps and fire arrows, and shadow-magic powers. The bola shot combines her gadgeteering and ranged abilities, shooting an explosive wrap at an enemy which holds them in place before detonating. Her acrobatic Vault allows her to move around the battlefield similarly to the Barbarian’s Leap.

She is able to drop spike traps on the ground and lure her enemies over them – a character who can flourish with preparation. So she’s kind of like Batman, then.

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