Blog Jam of the Week: ZELDA!


P-p-p-p-peahats! Leevers! GameStop employees! Lookout Link, they’re in your internets, h4x0ring your filez!

JoystickwithaQ set out to make some news on a slow Friday morning and scared the complete bejeesus out of Nintendo fanbois across the intarwebs in the process.

Coming slowly on the heels of Nintendo’s announcement last week that they would be selling the GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princessimage only through its online store in Japan, the StiQ announced today (and a good number of weblampreys picked up the torch), citing information from credible sources (retail employees), that Twilight Princess for the GameCube had been cancelled.

There’s a really good new series on NBC this season called Studio 60. It’s made by the guy who wrote A Few Good Men and The West Wing. It’s about a late night TV show (like SNL) and it pretty accurately describes what it’s like behind the scenes at a TV studio. It gives me flashbacks sometimes, it’s so accurate.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago they showed an episode in which a last-minute addition to the script gets flamed on the internet as having been stolen from a local comedian. The producers, in a panic, interrupt the transmission of the show to the West Coast, to insert a replacement joke and an apology. They later discover that the internet rumors were wrong, and that it was one of their own writers who wrote the joke years before. The local comedian stole it from him. They interrupt the transmission of the show one more time.

“This wasn’t the comedy we intended to do when the week began,” says the “news anchor.” Consider that the TV equivalent of the STRIKETHROUGH BBCode tag.

The official statement from Nintendo: “Online reports about the Nintendo GameCube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are incorrect. The amazing game will be available at retail outlets nationwide on December 13.”

image Score: I’m tossing StiQ (and all you other trigger-happy Nintendo hysteria mongers out there) a giant, sweaty Elvis scarf for this one. Be sure to catch it before you scream yourself silly and faint from all the excitement.

This wasn’t the news we intended to blog when the day began, but Twighlight Princess has not left the building. Carry on, folks.

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