Blur Delayed Until 2010


Activision has announced that Bizarre’s upcoming racing game Blur has been pushed back into 2010 in order to give the studio more time to work on the game’s multiplayer features.

Blur will be the first racing game from Bizarre Creations, best known as the studio behind the Project Gotham Racing series, since it parted company with Microsoft and moved to the Activision banner in 2007. The game will feature a wide range of licensed cars from the Ford Transit Van to the Audi R8 but will combine them with purely arcade components like vehicle combat and powerups.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait a little longer than expected before you’ll get to see it in action. While it was only a month ago Activision announced that Blur would come out on November 3, the game has now been pushed back to sometime in 2010 “to give the development team more time to enhance the game’s innovative and distinctive online multiplayer gameplay.”

“We are committed to making Blur a great new racing franchise, and we are very encouraged by the game’s design,” said Activision Publishing President and CEO Mike Griffith. “The additional time will allow the studio to fully optimize the vision they set out to create for Blur including a distinctive and groundbreaking multiplayer mode that will appeal to a broad audience.”

So there goes another one. Activision didn’t specify exactly, or even approximately, when in 2010 Blur would be released but given how crowded next year has become, the company is probably looking for a nice open spot on the calendar where it won’t be jockeying for space with at least two other hot new games. 2010 is looking like it’s going to be a hell of a year for new games. As for 2009, let’s just say I hope you’ve kept your magazine subscriptions up to date.

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