Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Pushed to the Limit at Farnborough Airshow


Boeing’s latest jumbo jet can effortlessly pull off airsick-worthy maneuvers.

Boeing put on quite the flight display during this week’s Farnborough Airshow in England, showing off its latest commercial creation: The 787-9 Dreamliner.

Built as a replacement for the aging 767 model, the Dreamliner has been in service since 2011. The 787-9 is the latest version of the platform, built with a longer fuselage — 206 feet as opposed to the 186-foot-long 787-8 base model. The bigger body means more passengers, increased fuel capacity, and a longer range, while keeping the same wingspan (197 feet).

The Farnborough Airshow has long served as a demostration ground for new passenger jets, with airline buyers from the world over on-site to see the new hardware. And since no one is impressed with the boring and standard, these Boeing test pilots push the 787-9 to the limit, finishing with a landing on an incredibly short runway.

The embedded video is of the 787-9’s flight during the airshow, but this video of a practice run several days before has more impressive camera angles.

Boeing wasn’t the only company showing off a brand new jumbo jet, either. Airbus had its brand new A330neo on-hand, a plane that can take 330 passengers over 7,500 nautical miles.

Source: The Verge

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