Brazilian Genius Takes Game of Thrones Characters To Disneyland


I haven’t seen Tyrion that happy in a long time.

Gaze upon the glory that is Game of Thrones, if Disney rather than HBO had picked up the series. God knows what Disney would have done about the sex scenes; violence it can just about handle, but Walt would have been spinning in his grave – always assuming he isn’t really a popsicle – over the rampant naughtiness. Still, there’s no denying it would have been beautiful!

These are the work of Brazilian artist Fernando Mendonça, with the very able assistance of Anderson Mahanski. If you’re looking for more of Mendonça, take a wander over into Deviantart; Mahanski’s Facebook is over here.

Personal fave for me has to be Daenerys; there’s just something about that smile!

Source: Buzzfeed

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