Bringing “Boom Boom” to the ‘Box: EA Launches Rhythm Game for 360


Electronic Arts announced the release of a “hypnotic musc rhythm game” produced by the creators of Geometry Wars for Xbox Live Arcade.

According to the publisher’s press release, players will time rocket blasts to 10 sound tracks in a choreographed pyrotechnic production:

Players can play in single player mode or go head-to-head against a friend on the same console, making it a perfect social game. Easy mode allows players to get comfortable with the controls while Endurance mode challenges the savviest of Boom Boom Rocket players with its intense speed and complexity of fireworks triggers. Loosen things up with the fun-for-all Freestyle Mode, or watch your favorite tunes light up the sky with the built-in Visualizer.

As one source noted, the title is designed to have the broadest appeal, and included a 3-year-old in its testing.

The title will cost 800 Microsoft Points – or $10.

Inevitably, there is a Youtube video of a gamer playing blindfolded with a fair degree of competence.

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