Brink Gets Free to Play Weekend on Steam


Why settle for just a demo, when you can try the whole game?

For the next few days there’s a way of playing the entirety of the team-based shooter Brink for free, without having to steal it from GameStop or download it illegally. Publisher Bethesda has announced that in celebration of Quakecon, Brink will be free to play all weekend on Steam.

Brink is set in a dystopian future where two rival factions battle for supremacy on the Ark, a floating city in a flooded Earth. The game mixes objective-based gameplay, RPG elements like classes and experience points, a not insignificant assortment of customization options, and an ambitious parkour-style movement system.

As well as the main game, the free to play weekend includes recently released DLC pack, Agents of Change, which adds two extra maps, a higher level cap, and more costumes. You can head over to Steam right now, grab the game, and play it until 1PM PST on Sunday. For people who don’t live on the West Coast of North America, that’s 5PM EST, and 9PM GMT.

Developer Splash Damage has a long history making this kind of shooter, having created the Wolfenstein and Quake Wars Enemy Territory titles, both of which proved popular with reviewers. Brink has admittedly did get a slightly more mixed reception, but if you’re curious and you have a PC that can run the game, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Source: Bethblog

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